About Anpay

The Anpay Group has been established in Kalkan since 1996. It currently comprises Rhapsody Hotel, Salt & Pepper Restaurant, Kalkan Estates Property Division and many related services. During 2012 we opened the Kipa Express Supermarket in Kalkan. Kipa is a National brand in partnership with Tesco UK.
Anpay is owned by local man Nuri Yilmaz and for the past 16 years the Anpay Group has grown with Kalkan and are proud to be part of what you see today. Many of the familiar buildings in Kalkan were developed by Anpay, including the Kipa Express complex in the centre, which was beautifully renovated during 2010.
The Anpay Group are proud to be a significant local employer, both during the tourist season and the winter season when we are busy planning, building and maintaining our our own and Customers properties.